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MAX STRENGTH® Heavy Duty Sauna Sweat Track Suit
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MAX STRENGTH High Quality Thick PVC Material Sweat Weight Loss Slimming Sauna Suit Max strength presents its High Quality Vinyl Material Sauna Suit. A sauna workout suit works in the same way a real sauna works. When your body temperature is temporarily increase, your body does a couple of things: it sweats to cool down your system and this sweating process rids the body of toxins.The second thing an elevated temperature does is increase the metabolism and calorie-burning.Sweat suits are comfy enough that you can keep active while wearing them. Our Sauna suit enables you to achieve the maximum weight loss potential during your workout.

Product Features:

  • Sweat Sauna Suit Weight Loss
  • Top Quality for adults.
  • Removes your body toxins and helps weight loss.
  • Increase your metabolism.
  • Calorie-burning during exercise.
  • Increases your blood circulation and oxygenation cells.
  • Perfect for regular use at gym or home.
  • Available in L and XL sizes

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