jabzimpex Medicine Ball


Product Descriptions:

jabzimpex High-Quality Pro Rex Leather Gym Fitness Best Medicine Ball Available in Various Sizes 5Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg
Best Medicine Ball made from High Quality and Durable Rexion Leather in Red and White Colour. This Best Medicine Ball has been designed with exceptional care with heavy-duty stitching. This Best Medicine Ball is excellent to Grip and can help to improve Core workouts or even resistance training. It helps to increase muscle strength and help increase toning by providing weight resistance. This medicine ball can be used for various purposes and exercises to boost your workout and help increase your strength. The Medicine ball is already filled and ready to use.


Key Features:

  • jabzimpex Rexion Leather Best Medicine Ball
  • Available in 3Kg 5Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg Size (Check product options)
  • Made from Durable and Long-lasting Material
  • Helps increase strength and endurance
  • Great for Core workout or Toning
  • Sold as Single


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